Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It To Change Accountants To You?

Very, there’s no fuss, leave it to us. We will arrange the transfer of your files.

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Your consultations will be free, as will your transfer of documents if you are moving from another accountant. We will negotiate fees which are amicable to both parties, payable on a monthly basis, to assist with your cash flow.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract With You?

We will give you a letter of engagement explaining the services we offer you, you are of course free to leave us at anytime.

Am I Able To Get Advice Out Of Office Hours?

Yes, providing appointments are pre-arranged.

How Much Tax Will I Pay?

This depends on your circumstances, we will of course explain in precise detail how we have arrived at your liability, according to legislation and offer you any assistance possible, relating to the payment of same by contacting HMRC on your behalf, with a payment request, if this should be necessary.

Would You Be Prepared To Attend Financially Orientated Business Meetings With Me?

Yes, providing we feel it is necessary for us to attend.

What Happens If I Can’t Visit Your Office To Deliver My Documents?

We have a courier service so we will collect your documents at a mutual convenient time. 

How Long Do I Need To Wait For An Appointment With You?

Depending on your circumstances and our work load, but it is usually within the week.


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Free Consultation. You can contact us on the following telephone numbers if you have any queries or wish to make an appointment:

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